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A Thing or Two with Claire and Erica

Nov 8, 2021

Gift Guide Round 1: Moms, Dads, and Significant (or Formerly Significant) Others


It’s gift-guide season around these parts, and here we are with the first of three—three!—installments to help you along with the hardest-to-shop-for people in your life (hopefully). If you need more ideas, subscribing to Secret Menu might be just the answer.


Moms and Mothers-in-Law!


Single mom by choice to an amazing little girl. Since it's just the two of us and she's a toddler, I need to help her buy her a gift for me. I realize that buying a gift for one's self shouldn't be difficult but I'm saving to buy us a condo and this will be my one quality and/or impractical spend for the foreseeable future. So I want to make it count and I'd love your help. I am willing to spend up to $400.00. I appreciate smart function in design and I have lost zero baby weight, so anything that involves sizing has the potential to make me cry, which feels like it would defeat the purpose. I work about 75 hours a week and am currently doing so remotely. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


76 yo mom, super practical, can't throw stuff away, just lost her husband of 60+ years.


My new step mom who has very good taste and loves thrifting


Frumpy MIL that you can't stand


My southern mom who thinks NYC made me snobby 


Dads and Fathers-in-Law!


My dad! A very intelligent man. Passionate about baseball but has season tickets. Very covid cautious. Has read all books. Doesn't drink. Isn't handy (no tools). Plays scrabble and has all the boards, no other games. Very fashion apathetic and I always get him clothes. Likes to bike but has a very nice bike and all accessories. Has snow shovel service. Really only cares about his grandkids but spends tons of time with them. Still works (lawyer) and tends to buy anything he needs which is very little! Always a conumdrum.


My dad! Buys himself everything he needs, likes rock and roll bios and mushrooming. and wine!


FIL: widower, engineer, spotless home, not into design, kinda into fitness & cooking


Romantic Partners (and Former Ones)!


A NFT-obsessed new dad who wants to be a lumberjack but actually buys Aimee Leon Dore


I need help with my 49-year-old, male, partner. He's a commercial architect, but is super judgey about architect stuff. He constantly scrolls Zillow and vintage car sites. He drinks bourbon, but doesn't want whisky stones and we have an excellent set of glasses. He likes luxury, but won't wear a logo ever. He loves art - folk, sculpture, modern (sometimes the weirder the better) and he created about half the pieces in our house. We live in Atlanta, watch garbage TV and eat/cook good food. Help!


Old soul male significant other who manages to find all the wilderness in nyc (birding in prospect park, surfing in the rockaways) in his 20s.

Girlfriend who is super Catholic but also super woo and into crystals, energy, etc.

My ex husband who doesn't deserve a gift but we share a daughter together 

  • Something for them to do together—tickets to a basketball game or a museum, a video game, etc.


A friend who I had a thing with (years ago) and has a jealous girlfriend


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